Music in Elizabethan Court Politics (Boydell and Brewer, 2015)  details here

Edited Collections

Music, Myth, and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, co-edited with Samantha Bassler (Boydell and Brewer, forthcoming 2019) details here


‘From Liturgy and the Education of Choirboys to Protestant Domestic Music-Making: The History of the ‘Hamond’ Partbooks (GB-Lbl: Add MSS 30480-4)’, RMA Research Chronicle (forthcoming 2019)

‘Printed Borders for Music Paper and Books: New Light on the Early Career of Thomas East’, The Library: Transactions of The Bibliographical Society 19 (2018), 174-202 (available here)

‘In Praise of Music: Motets, Inscriptions and Musical Philosophy in Robert Dow’s Partbooks’, Early Music 45 (2017), 89-101 (available here)

‘Changing Attitudes Towards Classical Mythology and their Impact on Notions of the Powers of Music in Early Modern England’, Music and Letters 97 (2016), 42-60 (available here but subscription needed)

‘Elegies and Death Songs: Singing about Death in Elizabethan England’, Early Music 43 (2015), 269-80 (available here but subscription needed)

‘Creating Harmonious Subjects? Ballads, Psalms and Godly Songs for Queen Elizabeth I’s Accession Day’, Journal of the Royal Musical Association 140 (2015), 273-312 (available here but subscription needed)

‘Myth, Science and the Power of Music in the Early Decades of the Royal Society’, Journal of the History of Ideas 76 (2015), 47-68 (available here)

‘“By Instruments her Powers Appeare”: Music and Authority in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I’, Renaissance Quarterly 65 (2012), 353-384 (available here)

Book Chapters

‘Origin Myths and the Nature of Music in Sixteenth-Century England’, for Music, Myth, and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, co-edited with Samantha Bassler (Boydell and Brewer, forthcoming 2019), pp.124-38

‘Musical Transformations of the City Soundscape: King James I’s Entry into London in 1604’, in Civic Performance: Pageantry and Entertainments in Early Modern London, ed. J. Caitlin Finlayson and Amrita Sen (Taylor & Francis, forthcoming 2019)

‘Divine Harmony, Demonic Afflictions, and Bodily Humours: Two Tales of Musical Healing in Early Modern England’, in Perfect Harmony and Melting Strains: Transformations of Music in Early Modern Culture, ed. Wolfram Keller and Cornelia Wilde (de Gruyter, forthcoming 2019)


‘The Anne Boleyn Music Book’, Early Music 46 (2018), 341-2 (book review)

‘Byrd and Tallis Revisited’, Early Music 43 (2015), 531-3 (book review)

‘Kerry McCarthy, Byrd’, Journal of the Northern Renaissance (2015) (book review)

‘Sound and sense in Shakespeare’, Early Music 40 (2012), 120-22 (book review)

‘Alehouse ditties and godly psalms’, Early Music 39 (2011), 415-417 (book review)

‘Med-Ren in Wales’, Early Music 36 (2008), 672-673 (conference report)

Some Recent Papers

(Abstracts available here)

‘Musical Miscellanies in Late Sixteenth-Century England’, Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Maynooth, Ireland (July 2018)

‘”What Song Should Please a Sacred Prince’s Ears?” Music and Authority in the Works of Thomas Churchyard’, Society for Renaissance Studies Biennial Conference, Sheffield (July 2018)

‘The Life Cycle of a set of Tudor Partbooks (British Library Add. MSS 30480-4)’, Royal Musical Association Conference 2017, Liverpool (September 2017)

‘Music and Musical Education in the Early Elizabethan Church: The Evidence of GB-Lbl: 30480-4’, Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Prague (July 2017)

‘Lucy Countess of Bedford as a Musician and Musical Patron’, The Cultural Influence of Lucy, Countess of Bedford, Lincoln College, Oxford (August 2016)

‘Framing the Music: Borders for Printed Music and Music Paper c.1560-1600’, Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Sheffield (July 2016)

‘The Changing Status of Stories of Music’s Power: Irreverent Portrayals of Musical Heroes in Late Seventeenth-Century England’, The Musical Humanism of the Renaissance and its Legacy, Venice (June 2016)

‘John Dowland’s Songs for Queen Elizabeth I’, John Dowland Study Day, Magdalen College, Oxford (May 2016)

‘The Tudor Partbooks Project: Creating a Collaborative, Digital Reconstruction of John Sadler’s Partbooks’, University of Manchester Music Research Seminar Series (April 2016)

‘The Cinderella of Complete Elizabethan Partbooks Sets: A New Look at the Hamond Partbooks (GB-Lbl: Add. MSS 30480-4)’, Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Music, All Souls, Oxford (Jan 2016)

‘The Influence of Printed Music in Early Elizabethan Manuscripts: A Case Study from GB-Lbl: Add MSS 30480-4 (the ‘Hamond’ partbooks)’, Music in Print and Manuscript Study Day, Christ Church Upper Library, Oxford (Nov 2015)

‘An Elizabethan Perspective on the Benefits of Singing Motets: Robert Dow’s Music Partbooks’, Cabinet of Curiosities, University of York (Nov 2015)

‘Singing about Death in Elizabeth England’, DEADFriday at the Ashmolean Museum (Oct 2015)

Digitally Restoring John Sadler’s Elizabethan Music Partbooks’, Digital Approaches to Early Music Seminar, Goldsmiths College, London (Oct 2015)

‘Inscriptions, Motets, and the Praise of Music in Robert Dow’s Partbooks (GB-Och: Mus.984-8)’, Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Brussels (July2015)

‘Traces of Elizabethan Musical Communities: The Textless Music in the “Hamond” Partbooks and GB-Lbl: Add.47844’, Viola da Gamba Society Meeting, Birmingham (June 2015)

‘Music, Demons, and the Soul in England, c.1580-1680’, Hearing the Voice, Hearing the Soul: International Research Symposium, Warwick (June 2015)

‘From Orpheus the Civiliser to Orpheus the Ballad-Seller: Changing Perceptions of Myth and the Powers of Music in Early Modern England’, University of Sheffield Music Research Seminar Series and University of Huddersfield Music Research Forum (February 2015)


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